A 'Rewarding' Night for San Marino High's Class of 2011

Hundreds upon hundreds of people packed the stands to cheer on San Marino High School's seniors during their graduation ceremony Friday night

By Justin Chapman, San Marino Patch, 6/11/2011

The energy and excitement was palpable Friday night as 's Class of 2011 graduation ceremony got underway in Titan Stadium on campus. As the seniors filed into their seats on the field, males in blue gowns and females in white, their families and friends cheered enthusiastically from the stands for their loved ones' special day.
Several speakers gave inspiring and nostalgic remarks to the graduating class, including , as well as when Woods departs. During his remarks, Woods proclaimed to the graduating seniors, "Class of 2011, the 21st century belongs to you!"
Before the ceremony got underway, however, several graduating students spoke to Patch about their experience at the school and their plans for the future as they gathered in the auditorium for last minute preparations.
"I'm definitely happy to be finally graduating, but sad as well," said Dylan Stevens, who plans to go to Pasadena City College and transfer to USC for film school. "It's bittersweet because I'm definitely going to miss it. Playing football, hanging out with everybody, they're my childhood friends, you know? I definitely feel like the school prepared me for college. San Marino High is one of the top schools in the nation. But everybody, including me, are ready for college."
Benjamin Park, who found out the morning of the evening ceremony that he would be graduating, said he felt great to finally be graduating.
"My plans are to go to PCC and I'm going to take some general education classes while taking some cooking classes, and if I'm into cooking then I'm going to transfer to a culinary school," said Park. "But if I'm not into it then I'm going to continue my GE's and then transfer out."
Park agreed that the school helped him prepare for the future, including such aspects as social skills and time management. Sharon Lam, however, felt the school should have focused more on skills for job interviews, even though she said they did a good job academically. She will be attending UC Davis next semester to study biochemistry.
Laurent Laiez said it's a relief to be graduating because the workload was pretty stressful. He will be going to PCC for two years and then plans to transfer to USC to get a four year degree.
"It is amazing to finally be graduating," said Derek Barker. "I've been here all four years through all the ups and downs and it feels so rewarding to be here. Next year I'm pursuing a career in post-production film editing. I'm going to Columbia College in Chicago. I'm very excited to start that and cannot wait. This school definitely prepared me for college and real life. I have a really good background in my academics and everything else outside of school because of San Marino High School. The teachers and the faculty here provided a really good supportive system for me so I feel like I'm really ready to go out there and get started."
After the ceremony faculty, graduates, and their families and friends gathered in the quad to share their excitement before the seniors were whisked away to the gym for their celebratory Grad Night extravaganza.
Superintendent Woods said, "This graduation was the culmination of four years of excellence."