In "Well Read," host and journalist Justin Chapman provides analysis on news, politics, arts, and culture, presents his reporting on a variety of subjects, and interviews guests about their projects and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting their lives. Featuring segments by Senior Influencer Correspondent, @BradtheInfluencer, and Senior Toddler Correspondent, Sienna. Justin also provides recommendations for good reads in each episode.

Episode Five is Part II of a very special 4-part series, featuring Justin’s reporting on Mad Mike Hughes, the flat earther daredevil rocketeer who died February 22, 2020, during his third and final rocket launch in the desert outside Barstow, California. This episode includes a deep dive into the obscure conspiracy theory Mike adhered to in which he believed he could purchase the "entities" (a person's name in all caps) of famous people including Obama, Zuckerberg, Musk, etc., and then sue them for improperly using his "property."

This episode also features an exclusive interview with Waldo Stakes, Mad Mike’s landlord and collaborator who helped him build the steam-powered rockets, the rockoon they planned to use to launch Mike up to the edge of space so he could see for himself “what shape this planet is,” and other death-defying vehicles in Apple Valley, California.

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