Political Gumbo: Time to Vote

Time for talking is over as locals prepare to go to polls

BY ANDRÉ COLEMAN, Pasadena Now, 3/2/2020

It’s unlikely Jason Hardin or Major Williams will win the mayor’s race. Can they combine for enough votes to send the race into a runoff?

I still don’t like the way we elect the mayor and I have to go with door knocking as the best way to engage voters. Forums are great, but some voters simply want to talk about street bumps, trees and traffic.

Some final thoughts heading into Election Day –

A lot of questions were asked about housing at the forums, but almost none about local hiring. Those two go together.

The city really needs to clarify the Taxpayer Protection Act. Candidates and incumbents clearly did not understand it during this election cycle.

There will be no vote count in Council Chambers. “That’s a shame, it’s a local tradition and a rite of passage as Mayor Terry Tornek told us this week.”

Keep in mind: An opponent can overcome multiple opponents and win in the primary. Victor Gordo beat Aida Morales and Krystal Lopez Padley when he garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in the last District 5 election.

The ‘I hope I’m wrong department’: I see a long night ahead based on the issues at early voting centers.

District 2: Felicia Williams was in the race before Margaret McAustin decided to step down. It would have been interesting to see that contest. Felicia is definitely qualified and it would have been the first time McAustin faced an incumbent. Oh yeah, is now the time to repeat no incumbent has lost since Bill Paparian defeated Jo Heckman in 1987. To put that in perspective freelance journalist Justin Chapman, was just 2-years old then.

More Chapman: Justin’s video of the death of daredevil Mad Mike has been viewed 5 million times on Twitter. Justin has been all over television discussing the incident.

Back to Paparian: The former mayor pushed for a state of emergency regarding the Coronavirus. City Manager Steve Mermell does not want to cause a panic. I hope there is a plan in place.

District 4: Not sure why they had a forum in District 4 after early voting started and just a few days before the primary. They should have just had the voting machines there so people could vote instead.

Yes, I’m going to talk about weed: I just like calling it weed instead of cannabis, because the state refuses to say people can legally sell weed now. It is what it is. Next topic.

Correction before the Mistake: After every primary, someone declares the candidate who finishes with the most votes as “In the lead in the runoff.” In the runoff both candidates start at zero.