Henke’s Octoberfest

The Underground Art Society will host an extended display of Darren von Henke’s art Friday

By Justin Chapman, Pasadena Weekly, 10/6/2005

You might remember Darren von Henke's painting from the Weekly's June 30 cover story, "Free to Be." His was the one where several UN peacekeepers advanced forward as innocent civilians' limp bodies hung from lampposts behind them.

But don't label him "dark and edgy."

"Though still a lover of NASCAR, TV and girls, Henke has also learned, like others, to acquire a taste for methodical, comprehensive, and precisely gauged expression," said Ben McGinty, owner of the Underground Arts Society galleries.

His work deals with a range of issues: war, oppression, censorship, innocence, corruption, murder and rape, without falling into cliches.

The Underground Arts Society in Altadena will be hosting an extended display of Henke's art Friday from 7 p.m. until midnight. His work will be on display for the entire month of October.

Henke will have a series of painted army helmets displayed on crosses in the front window. He will also have other painted and sculpted items.

The Underground Arts Society is located at 2473 N. Lake Ave., Altadena. Call (626) 794-8779.